Saturday, September 6, 2008

Busy Day!!

Today we got up for "Dawn Patrol" (early morning to see hot air balloons take flight.)It is Reno's Balloon Race weekend. This is rapidly becoming a family tradition. We were a little late getting started today but quickly found a parking spot and headed to Rancho San Rafael park to check out the mass launch of about 50 to 75 balloons. Grandma is usually with us but this year Nanna came and hopefully next year they can both come. The kids really enjoy watching all the balloons take off it is quite spectacular.(photos to come)
Then it was off to breakfast at PJ's a great place for breakfast.
We will be off in a couple hours to spend the day at Wild Waters a water park in Sparks.
Right now I am going to get some rest. More about our busy day later.

Goofing off at CWS

A day at the Farm

A day at the Farm

Gettig wet at the CWS